Nexus launcher

Following yesterday’s leak of Google’s next launcher, today we’ve got an early look at the APK thanks to the team over at 9to5 Google.

To be honest there’s not a lot more to show from the APK then we saw yesterday. Without the Search app being updated to the required version the Google Now/ Assistant pane isn’t functioning and changing wallpapers causes the app to crash. However, it can install and run on non-nexus phones. It remains to be seen if the Nexus launcher will continue to work on non-nexus devices once it is officially launched.

Due to the calendar display on the top of the home screen you;ve only got 3 rows of apps to place on your home screen, and the calendar widget doesn’t seem to link to your actual calendar. Because the source of the APK isn’t known and we have no way of verifying it is from google and not tampered with we’re not going to provide a link to download, but for those of you interested in such things we trust you’ll know how to get it.

Unfortunately, for me, I’m not sure this launcher will suit my needs, and I suspect that Google won’t open up the new Google assistant page to 3rd party developers, here’s hoping I’m wrong.

Are you liking the look of the new NexusLauncher?> Let us know below.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Well I’m loving it.
And it doesn’t crash, I’m using my own wallpapers. Yes it comes with 3 rows of apps but you can remove or add other’s up to 5.
To access Google Now press or touch the Google logo on the left, search bar will pop out, press or touch the Google (G) logo not the search bar. It will open Google Now.


Like it.