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Samsung has taken the wraps of the long awaited – much leaked – Galaxy Note 7 this morning, the handset looks great as usual with Samsung refining their design somewhat and really doubling down on the dual-curved edge display. Samsung has announced retail pricing for the handset and where to get it, but it looks like we have some plan information as well and we’ll be updating here as we get more information.

Samsung sells a number of their phones outright and the Note 7 is no different, priced at $1349 outright, the Note 7 is going to be expensive but that’s the cost at least initially. The phone goes up for pre-order on the 5th of August here in Australia at both carriers and at retail. Pre-ordering the Note 7 will score you a 256GB microSD card which you can use to expand storage on the phone.


The phone will be available from JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman at retail – though we expect that to expand to other retailers once the initial flurry dies down. Samsung themselves will be selling the handset through their Retail Stores and

Harvey Norman

First out of the gate for bricks and mortar (and on-line) is Harvey Norman who have launched the Note 7 pre-orders this morning, offering the Galaxy Note 7 in Black, Gold and Silver for $1349 with the 256GB microSD card pre-order bonus. Harvey Norman are following the Samsung launch advisory with stock available on August 19th.

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You can head over to the Harvey Norman website to pre-order your Galaxy Note 7 in your choice of colour (no Coral Blue makes me, something, something) right now.

JB Hifi

JB Hi-fi has also launched their pre-orders for the Note 7. You can pre-order (and get the 256GB microSD card) in three colours: Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx for $1349 on their website, with the phone available on the 19th of August.

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If you want to get the phone from JB, then head over to their website now.

Bing Lee

Despite not being named as a launch retail partner for the Galaxy Note 7, Bing Lee is taking pre-orders and selling the Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx models for RRP of $1349. They too are including the 256GB microSD card with pre-orders, which of course end at midnight on the 18th of August.
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If Bing Lee is your retailer of choice, head over to Bing Lee and put your pre-order in now.



Vodafone has hit early and advised their plans as well as putting up the site where you will be able to pre-order the phone from the 5th of August. From Vodafone you’ll be able to grab the phone from as little as $74 per month ($40 Plan and $34 handset repayment) on a 24 month contract with unlimited calls/sms in Australia but only 500MB of data, lukcily they have a bunch of other plans and options to check out as well.

Vodafone Plan information:

Vodafone Plan
(over 24 months)
Device monthly payment
(over 24 months)
Total cost per month Plan data inclusion Bonus data offer
(ends August 30)
Total data allowance including promotional offers
$40 $34 $74
(min spend over 24 months $1776)
0.5GB n/a 0.5GB
$60 $29 $89
(min spend over 24 months $2136)
$70 $22 $92
(min spend over 24 months $2208)
6GB n/a 6GB
$80 $15 $95
(min spend over 24 months $2280)
$100 $12 $112
(min spend over 24 months $2668)
10GB 5GB 15GB
$130 $3 $133
(min spend over 24 months $3192)
15Gb 5GB 20GB

Vodafone customers will be able to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 online from August 5 at 12:01 AM (AEST) to 18 August at 11:59 PM (AEST) from the Vodafone website.


Optus will be kicking off their pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 shortly on the Optus Website. Optus’ plans for the Galaxy Note 7 include:

Screenshot 2016-08-05 at 7.41.30 AM

Optus is also offering the 256GB MicroSD Card as a pre-order bonus when you purchase from any Optus retail outlet, which at $299.95 value is a pretty attractive offer.

Virgin Mobile

Optus subsidiary Virgin Mobile will be offering the handset as well. Virgin has released their plans for the Galaxy Note 7 advising that they will be selling the handset in Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx for $88 per month ($18 handset on the Virgin Mobile $70 plan) on a 24 month contract – total cost is $2112 over 24 months. Virgin Mobile offers Data rollover on all their new postpaid plans, but if their $88 plan isn’t to your liking their other deals are now live.

Virgin is offering two deals with the Note 7 – there’s an option to get the Note 7 or you can get the Note 7 bundled with a Gear Fit 2. For both ways three ways to buy the Galaxy Note 7, you can buy it on 24 month contract, on a 12 month off-contract month-to-month service or pay for it up front on a plan starting from $30 per month.

24 Month Contract:

Over 12 months (no contract):

Month-to-month with phone up front:

If you want to get the Note 7 from Virgin Mobile, head over to their website and get on it now.


Telstra will also be offering the Galaxy Note 7 on their 4GX network. Telstra has kicked off their pre-orders offering the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx on a range of Go Mobile and Go Business Mobile plans, including the $95 Go Mobile plans which includes 8GB of data to use in Australia and $15/mth handset repayments on a 24 month contract. (min cost $2640). If that’s too rich for you check out their range of other plans:
Screenshot 2016-08-05 at 8.03.51 AM

Telstra is also doing the pre-order bonus of a Samsung 256GB microSD card valued at $299.95 which they say can store more than ’12 hours of 4K Ultra HD video or more than 22,500 songs’.

Telstra is also pushing access to Telstra Air Wi-Fi data, which is currently free at the moment, offering Wi-Fi access at more than 400,000 Telstra Air hotspots around Australia. The free access is only until 27 March 2017, but gives you a good option to get access to free data on the move.

If you want a Galaxy Note 7 on Telstra, head over to the website and get your order in now.


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Jared Mayfield

Is there any difference between the phones brought from Harvey Norman apposed to Telstra? Telstra say 4GX, does their version have added bands to achieve this or can I buy from Harvey Norman and still get Telstra’s 4GX speeds?

Daniel Tyson

In theory carrier aggregation should be fine and work on Telstra 4GX on a stock retail model. Buying the phone from Telstra tends to only slow down updates.

Jared Mayfield

Ok thanks Dan, just go HN then. Telstra store where I am tend to be pretty lackluster when it comes to service.

Shea Quinn

I’m going to try and hold out for the Coral Blue to somehow make an appearance to Telstra. My new phone feeling is up for renewal not long after launch so hopefully will know more details then. Until then I’m happy with the S7E seeing as from what I understand the Note7 is essentially the same phone with a S-Pen

Daniel Tyson
Jamie S

Harvey Norman have pre-order up


I’m disappointed that it didn’t come with 6gb of RAM and 4000mh battery.

Nicholas Milacci

yeah, me too. for a couple of months I was really excited, and now, honestly, I’m gonna wait the s8 unless they come out with some vr bonus bundles later on…

Ashley Sommer

Yep, the only thing that would tip me over to getting one would be a free GearVR included.


256Gb card is pretty good ~$300 bucks worth and more useful to most people… although I’ll put my microsd card in my dell latitude 7275 (dells surface pro) and put a 32Gb one in the phone.

Jamie S

It would be good if you could choose between a Micro SD card and the new VR. Especially for those who already have the older VR which you can’t use with the Note 7.


Do we know which 256GB card Samsung are bundling?

Daniel Tyson

Not yet. I`m hoping its the new Evo+ they announced a little while ago – but when I spoke to them to clarify they had no idea. Going to follow up a few other avenues but I too am interested, otherwise we should be able to find out next week at the AU launch event.


Yeah, Samsung are showing off the 256GB EVO + under the “More Room for Everything” heading on the Note 7 page so that’s a positive I guess.

Alex Gerontzos

Still happy with the 6p. No phone has made me budge this year enough to go out and buy. Note in short nice yes, won’t use all of them features.


Yea loads better with the Samsung range, but not a huge leap from 6P. I guess if someone had the note 4 (like me), then figuring out what to buy, there isn’t much else that’s similar or offers as much features as the note 7.


” priced at $1349 outright”

Too right it’s out. It will be interesting to see the BoM cost once someone does a teardown, but the Note 5 was ~$300 and I don’t expect this to be much more. These $1000+ prices are just plain silly for something where the R&D has been done.


There’s a cost to that R&D, and products are priced with a view to recouping that cost and still making a profit. Then there’s marketing etc which the Samsungs and Apples of the world spend a tonne on. Simplifying the cost of a tech product to the cost of the parts used to build does not give a fair indication of what it costs to bring to market. Having said all that, I’ll *never* spend that much outright on a phone. Most of these will be paid off over 24 months anyway – another thing I’ll never do again. I’m… Read more »


The point was the R&D has basically been done. These are just the same basic components, put together in the same basic way, year after year.

Marketing basically does itself, everyone know what the Note is.

So the margin, and thus the price, should be falling, not rising.


Marketing does itself? Last I checked Samsung has the biggest marketing spend of any mobile phone manufacturer. You’re really showing a lack of understanding about how this kind of thing works.

Nicholas Milacci

bit scared of online bargains. do you mind if I ask which e-store did you buy from?


I bought it from eGlobal Digital Cameras. They sell asian stock (mine was for the Taiwanese market) but I’d purchased from them before and they were a pleasure to deal with.

If you don’t mind a foreign power adaptor, the rest is fine – even got the Marshmallow update before a lot of Aussie owners did.


Going back to the old smartphone days when a phone was $1k++. This is still cheaper than direct competitor though!


As nice as it is, that is far too much for a phablet. It’s probably worth it, but I’ll stick to my $399 OPPO R7s


As nice as the OPPO R7s is, it’s probably worth it, but I’ll stick to my $99 BLU R1.