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Google’s Local Guides, a team of people who volunteer their time to make sure all those Google Maps entries are reviewed, photographed and have all the correct details like address, phone number and opening hours online are getting their own website.

The Local Guides Connect website has been opened by Google as a place for all the Guides around the world to connect with each other. It’s an additional community in addition to the existing Google+ community with more a discussion board feel to it. Google says it’s a place where they can share what they’re passionate about, learn more about the program and get to know other Local Guides near them and around the world.

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From the look of the website, it’s very forum based, with users able to start discussions on virtually any topic – though it looks to be moderated – you sign in with your Google account and you can then start posting. There’s a menu bar there with links to relevant news, the Exclusive access programs that you can access as you achieve higher levels and of course connect with your fellow guides and have discussion.

It looks like a great place for Local Guides to meet virtually and discuss the program and other topics related to meetups etc. If you’re a Google Local Guide, head over and check it out, if you want to start contributing and become a local guide, you can find out more here and start then start contributing using Google Maps.

Source: Local Guides Connect.