Google Play is an amazing resource filled with apps and games, and of course Entertainment type content such as Books, Music, Movies and TV Shows. Occasionally we get some freebies that show up in the various specials, but it turns out it’s possible to search for free content any time you want.

An enterprising redditor, pwnicholson, has crafted the URLs to essentially find the free content in each section. You could in theory do this for Games and Apps, but there’s a lot to sift through in that category.

The links work best on a computer rather than through the Google Play app on your device. It’s not perfect either, there’s a lot of ‘crap’ to filter out in the Books section to find the occasional gem, and there’s no way to filter out the previews or ‘first look’ specials that Google Play TV shows have. I’ve added in the Books and sub-Music searches in addition to those added on reddit, so you may have some sifting to do.

You can click the links below to check out what’s on offer in each section:

The major freebie at the moment is of course the free Ghost Team movie on Google Play Movies. Apart from that, it’s over to you, what freebies can you find in Google Play?

Via: reddit.