youtube kids red

YouTube, it’s the new TV for many people, but just like TV no one really wants to see the ads. Unlike TV, there is a solution: YouTube Red. For those unfamiliar with Red, it is a monthly subscription service that removes all ads in YouTube, as well as giving you additional features such as download and offline playback, play in the background and full access to Google Play Music All Access.

Since Red launched there has been one YouTube app that hasn’t been able to take advantage of these features, YouTube Kids. With today’s announcement, those in Australia, New Zealand and the US can now get all the Red benefits in the YouTube Kids app.

To enable the feature you simply need to sign into your YouTube Red enabled account in the YouTube Kids app.

Once activated you get the option to toggle offline videos on and off, set a maximum storage limit- so the kids don’t use all of your space – and set the default video quality. It’s fantastic to see Google allowing you to basically give a second person access to your YouTube Red account. This feature does not need the family plan to work, you sign in to your account to enable the feature.

For parents concerned with what ads their kids are seeing, or those who don’t want to hear the inevitable “this is my show” when ads are running this could well be a much-loved feature.

Do you use YouTube Kids app for your kids? What features do you want to see in YouTube Kids? Let us know below.

Source: Google.