Creators of the password management app Dashlane, have today announced that they, as well as ‘other leading password managers’ are working on a new project with Google to create a new API for password management that will in theory create an open source version of Google’s Smart Lock.

According to Dashlane, Google has been noticing that more people (and businesses) are turning to password managers to stave off potential security breeches. This open API, developed with a broad swathe of the password manager community, would allow better access for these consumers.

Called OpenYOLO, the YOLO stands for: You Only Login Once, the idea is to create an open source API that anyone can use to create a password manager. The OpenYOLO API would let you login to the compatible password manager of your choice and have that manager automatically sign in to apps on your device. Dashlane and Google call it ‘a seamless, universally-acceptable Android app authentication solution to increase your online security’.

There’s not much more in terms of details on what, or when the new API from Dashlane, Google and whoever else is involved is going to arrive but it sounds intriguing to say the least.

Source: Dashlane.
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    Sounds like a great thing. A single login for convenience while retaining the security of multiple passwords sounds like the best of both worlds. Automatic sign-in of apps avoids the cumbersome copying and pasting of current password manager apps.