Galaxy Note 7 - Coral Blue
It’s action stations for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fans this morning with retailers and carriers opening pre-orders for the newest in the Note series. With all the pre-orders live, it’s looking like the fan favourite colour option Blue Coral isn’t available at any of the carriers or retailers.

The phone is now available to pre-order from carriers Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and Optus, retailers JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman and Samsung themselves in Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx, but where is Blue Coral? Unfortunately Samsung Australia has advised us that they will not be bringing that colour option to Australia.

Samsung has used colour variants to ‘refresh’ their phone line up mid-cycle in the past, so it may be a case of waiting for 6-months for the Blue Coral, but if you’re in the market now that’s not going to help.

Your only option is to start looking around at grey importers, but at this early stage there’s few options even there, the usual UK importers Clove, Handtec and MobileFun are all having to wait for the September launch in Europe to start selling their handsets – and Australian grey import stalwarts Kogan, DWI and MobileCiti don’t even have the handset listed as yet. There’s also no guarantee you can pick up the 256GB microSD pre-order bonus with the phone if they do start stocking it.

At this stage, it looks like you’d best jump onto a Gold, Silver or Black Note 7 if you want the pre-order bonus. It’s a shame really, that Blue Coral Note 7 is hot.

Did you want the Note 7 in Blue Coral? Which colour are you going to choose instead?

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Bob Roberts

I’m going to choose FARTING. I can violently shart out something better looking than all those colours combined. I can fart so hard and powerfully I don’t need a blue samsung.

Dan Man

I’m in Singapore atm and they have the new Note 7 on show at almost every phone shop. They also have ALL the colour options available. The coral blue looks amazing and would definately be my pick.

It’s ridiculous the way Samsung only sell certain colours in some regions and all the colours in other regions. It looks like our only option is grey import.

Romina Stanganelli

it will take this long to bring the Blue Coral? sin and my favorite color I was going to buy this color instead of the usual black or gold or silver even silver but I like the blue coral and special … attracted me. .

Hadetronic Ryde

yes, so strange, why there is no coral blue in Australia


Why can’t Samsung copy Apple when it comes to making all variants available for sale at launch?


This is deal breaking. I was so excited to order but samsung being samsung again. Feel like shifting to apple after 6 years with samung.

Andrew Bricknell

I also would like the blue note 7, I really don’t see why samsung do this, they muck up their marketing every year. What would the big deal for them to actually provide every colour option in all markets.

Major Sceptic

It sucks we don’t get the blue version, it looks nice, 3 guesses where the bulk of the blue units will end up ?

Bob Roberts



Daniel l so agree with you as l was really looking forward to buy that colour and I just didn’t pre order it this morning when l saw that Telstra didn’t have this colour….about the pre order bonus l`m not worried to much about it because many times at the past the pre order carried on even after the phone was available aka S7 Edge…do you think it’ll be the case with the Note 7 as well?

Angela Ross

I agree too. I am interested in buying only the blue. What a dumb move by Samsung.

Hadetronic Ryde

samsung sucks on this action, they at least have to notice why not realise or when may be possible to get it.