Messaging service Telegram has released a new update for their mobile and desktop clients and brings with it a few new features as well as making one old ‘feature’ official.

Telegram must have been noting usage cases, with many people opening a chat with themselves to save notes, media and files. In the update to version 3.11 they’ve made this function official, noting that you can use use in-chat Search for finding things fast, as well as the Shared Media tab to get access to other things you’ve shared.


Stickers, always a fun part of Telegram and other messaging platforms is getting a new ‘Trending Stickers’ tab, that lets you check out popular sticker sets made exclusively for Telegram. Because we all love stickers so much, we do tend to add a lot of sticker packs and Telegram will now archive those for you once you hit 200 sticker packs. If you decide you want to use one of those older packs you can find them easily in the ‘Archived Stickers’ section.


There’s a couple of new tweaks as well, Bot previews now allowing you to check what you send before sending the command. Android users running Android 4.1+ get a new camera interface which lets you share pictures faster with less taps. You can preview how large a group is and who is in it before joining it when someone sends you an invite link.

There’s a lot of mobile updates, but desktop users are also getting a new in-app video player, and nicer looking messaging bubbles in chat.

You should automatically get the Telegram update on your device, but if not check the Play Store for an update notification.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Source: Telegram.