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Note 7 - Gear Fit 2
If you’re in the market to buy yourself a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 outright, then you might want to check out Virgin Mobile for a second – yep, Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile is offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on a range of 24 month contracts which are pretty good, but it’s their offers for outright purchase that we’re interested in. Virgin Mobile has a dual offer when it comes to purchasing the Note 7. You can either purchase the phone by itself, or bundled with a Samsung Gear Fit 2 activity tracker. Both deals can be bundled into a 12 month pay as you go, no lock-in plan, but again, it’s their outright purchase plans we like.

The outright purchase plans do involve you paying for a single month of service with Virgin Mobile, and you can do that from as low as $30. With their outright plans you can get the Galaxy Note 7 from as low as $1,206 ($1176 for the phone and $30 for the plan) or if you want that Gear Fit 2 Activity Tracker – Scott liked it when he reviewed it – you can get both for $1398 ($1368 for the Note 7/Gear Fit 2 and $30 for the plan).

We’ve confirmed with Virgin Mobile that there’s no lock-in, you can cancel at any time and the phones are unlocked.

Month-to-month with phone up front:

There’s always a drawback, but it’s relatively minor: Software updates. Of course with any phone purchased from a carrier, unless you flash a new firmware to it, you’re going to have to wait for the software approval process to be completed before you see any. If you’re Ok with that, this is a damn good deal.

Source: Virgin: Note 7 + Gear Fit 2Virgin: Note 7.
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deal got pulled. they only sell on a plan now 😐

jianding yi

How did you get that month to month tab? I only see 24 months


That’s a pretty good price. The S7 edge was $1250 outright so this comessage in at almost $100 cheaper. I don’t understand Samsung and their pricing … As for software updates, with the exception of occasionally Telstra, there isn’t any real difference between branded and non. They are all pathetic in Australia *looks at Samsung Australia* … we’re still waiting for our S7 July security update … in August – we are eell behind the likes of Afghanistan, Northern African countries and other “less advanced” countries.