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If following the Olympics is your thing, then you can of course just use Google, but what if you want an app for that? Well, Google Play has you covered with their latest app focus.

The app focus lists a bunch of apps, there’s the official ‘The Olympics’ app from the International Olympics Committee, or the Rio 2016 app built in partnership with Samsung, or if you want to try your virtual hand at some of the sports you can try the Rio 2016 Olympic Games or Rio 2016: Diving Champions games.


On a more local level you can try out the Olympics on 7 app, which lets you stream Seven’s coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games live and free on 7, 7TWO and 7mate – but best watch your data charges if you’re doing that on mobile.

And if you’re wanting to get an insight to the Australian team you can grab the AUS Team app released by the Australian Olympic Committee which they say covers ‘every Australian athlete and their Olympic campaign’. The app also lets you send fan messages to your favourite athlete, and get breaking news and updates.

If you want to check out all the apps to follow the Olympics, head over to Google Play now and take a look

Source: Google Play.
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    I don’t know how long ago you took the Google Play screenshot but the ‘Olympics on 7’ app is now down to 1.5 stars. The reviews are scathing!