Andrew Bell, the artist behind the awesome Android mini collectibles is about to release series 6 of his artist series. The series will feature creations from himself as well as Andrea Kang, Colus, Dwaine Morris, Igor Ventura, Jessica Wang, Nathan Jurevicius and Otto Bjornik. To prepare for the launch later in the year, Andrew has started showing off the series on his blog.

First off the block is the standard solid colour mini, which this time around is Purple. We’ve previously had Red, Yellow, Green and Blue (all the Google Colours) before he branched out into Orange for series 5. The purple looks fantastic and is also mirrored on the box design for series 6.

When the series launches later this year, you’ll get two of these if you purchase one of the cases of 16 minis, making it fairly common.

Also shown off this time around is the ‘Švytėjimas’, from artist Nathan Jurevicius. According to Google translate, Švytėjimas means ‘Glow’ in Lithuanian. The mini is reminiscent of Whoogle from artist Gary Ham that was released in Series 3, but with an ultra-cool custom wing design instead of arms.

The Švytėjimas is a rare (not a special edition) and you’ll be guaranteed to get at least one if you buy a box of 16 when they go on-sale later this year.

When exactly Series 6 of the Android Mini collectibles go on-sale hasn’t been announced, but they’ll be highly sought after when they actually release.

Source: Dead Zebra.