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Fossil is one of the traditional watch manufacturers who has embraced the emerging smartwatch category. Rather that sit and wait it out, Fossil is in the most of the smartwatch evolution working with tech brands to find out where this nascent device category fits into the market.

According to an FCC filing today, Fossil have a new Smartwatch in development, and considering their current commitment to Android Wear it’s a safe bet it’s running Android Wear, perhaps even releasing with Android Wear 2.0?

fossil Q

As is the way with FCC filings there isn’t a great deal to find out but what we can confirm is:

  • 1.4″ TFT-LCD transflective display
  • Screen resolution 320 x 290, 228ppi (yes that’s a flat tyre display)
  • 400 mAh battery
  • Wireless charging
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.x LE

Yes, it has a flat tyre, so if you don’t like flat tyres then this isn’t the device for you. There is mention of an Einstein Module as the movement, with could make this the ‘Fossil QEinstein’ or it could just be the code name Fossil uses to describe their smart movements (instead of mechanical)?

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any of the Fossil Q Android Wear devices in Australia, but we remain hopeful they as a large brand in Australia Fossil will eventually release on our shores.

Would you like to see the Fossil Q range come to Australia? Let us know below.

Source: FCC.
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Mark Brown

I bought my Fossil QFounder when I was in the US, really like it, and I really don’t mind the flat tire


Flat tyre = Fail


Flat tyre needs to die.