Sony has a tradition of launching their new flagships at the IFA electronics show in Berlin every September and thanks to leaker @onleaks, we’re now seeing a render of the phone.

The phone looks great in the light blue colour, and shows off what’s become a fairly standard design for Sony. The phone has a USB-C port in the base, and what looks to be possibly the usual dedicated camera button on the side below a volume rocker and power button.

The design and back are similar to the leaked Sony flagship we saw put up for sale on Croatian site Njuškalo last month. Whether this is the same phone or not remains to be seen.

Not much more to say on this one, we’ll see more about what Sony has to announce when they take the wraps off their IFA launch on September 1st.

Source: @onleaks.
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Looks pretty. But really I don’t see any point at targeting the over US 400$ market. Above that and there really isn’t a whole lot extra that makes it worth paying 50% or more extra.

I also still don’t get why Sony isn’t the master of phone cameras on android.


Omg those huge bezzels…


At least they have what appear to be dual front facing stereo speakers.

Honestly, this obsession with bezels is blown way out of proportion. In terms of daily usability it makes sense to have some room to grip on to. Bezels really aren’t such a bad thing, especially if it means a larger battery or, as mentioned above, stereo speakers.

It’s a shame Sony can’t seem to get any traction in the high end. Their phones have always been pretty sleek if a tad boring – that said, this blue model looks really svelte.


You can just grip the phone by the frame. It makes more sense because you wouldn’t need to apply pressure to stop the phone from falling.

I don’t mind “huge” top and bottom bezels, but the space should at least be used up by something like a big speaker grill or capacitive buttons,l. This phone has a tiny speaker grill and plenty of “useless” space.


Yeah but again, this space is probably being used for battery. Sony have generally been known for excellent battery life on their mobile devices.