Andrew Bell’s Artist series of Android Mini Collectibles will launch later this year, but we’re being introduced to the Androids two at a time, we’ve seen the first two and now another pair of Androids have been introduced.

The first collectible today is designed by a Google Employee, Jess Wang, a software engineer at our favourite company who has created a hot dog design complete with mini squeeze bottles of Tomato Sauce (or Ketchup as they call it) and Mustard. There will be a lot of chances to check out the Hot Dog design with two appearing in each box of 16 mini Androids when they go on-sale later this year.

Next we have a Geisha design from Philippine based artist Otto Björnik. The design is called ‘Sayaka’ and will be slightly more rare than others with only one of these appearing in each box of 16. The design looks quite cool with the big bow on the rear so that’s a bit of a different design to the ones we’re used to seeing.

The exact date when the sixth series of the Android Mini Artist Series will go on-sale hasn’t been announced beyond later this year, and we’ve still got quite a few of the Androids to meet until then so stay tuned.

Source: Dead Zebra.