Fossil’s range of Android Wear smartwatches will be coming to Australia the company has confirmed to Ausdroid after announcing their US launch will go ahead this month.

The Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshall will be hitting US Stores and online from August 29th, with pre-orders going live on August 12th. Australians will have to wait a little longer, but not as long as usual with Fossil advising us that both watches are scheduled to launch in Australia at Fossil retail stores and our website from the 5th of September.

Both models of watch will feature a 45 mm case size, with always-on touchscreen. The differences in style is what separates the models with the Q Wander featuring ‘a beautiful soft curving, multi-finish case with artfully sculpted wire lugs’ while Q Marshal is aimed at a different market with a ‘striking rugged case’.

Of the designs for the Q Wander and Q Marshall, Jill Elliott, chief creative officer said

Q Wander and Q Marshal beautifully marry form and function for a stunning addition to your everyday style. Fossil is known for its quality timepieces and we’re proud of the seamless expansion to our wearables collection. These slim yet highly functional smartwatches reflect the elevated design of a Fossil watch while incorporating a digital experience that’s important to today’s customer.

Not much is known about what’s under the hood, but their initial announcement back in March, an Intel processor as well as 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM was rumoured. Charging will be via the rear with a magnetic charger connecting to the smartwatches.

Fossil has partnered with Google Fit and MyFitness Pal for activity tracking, and as an Android Wear watch you can connect it to both Android and iOS smartphones. Smartphone integration of course includes notifications like text messages and emails, as well as app notifications. And you can tell the time on it! Fossil will be further enhancing the software side of things with their Fossil Q Android (and iOS) app that can be installed, letting you set goals, and further customise your experience with more watch faces, upload activity data to partners such as UA Record by Under Armour and UP by Jawbone.

Android Wear watchfaces

Pricing has been announced in the US at $295, with Fossil advising they will be announcing Australian pricing shortly.

Source: Fossil.
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Yianni soc

I’m confused, doesn’t android wear 2 need the two buttons either side of the crown like the google dev video that came out a few weeks ago to be effective?

I like the one on the right (marshal?) if it has a speaker for phone connected voice calls I’ll be all over it!

Daniel Tyson

3 button setups are possible, but not necessary for Android Wear 2.0. Otherwise a lot of watches would be obsoleted by Android Wear 2.0 😉

Yianni soc

Of course good point. I suppose for future updates might be safe for me to get a 3 button setup.
Bring on IFA. Is Ausdroid going dan?

Simon Chew

Will it support Android Wear 2.0?

Daniel Tyson

I have zero doubts that it will


Yeah the one on te left like nice. Excuse the newbie questions but

1. This has android wear? So i can download any wear app? Google play music or ESPN?? For example?
2. Can you customise the watch faces or is it locked to those choices
3. I can swap that band out for something a little more sporty….right?

Daniel Tyson

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Yes, Fossil will even be offering customisable bands off the bat, or you can swap them out with something you like yourself, we’ll know more about band sizes etc when they put specs up.


Thanks for the info! This is looking like my first android wear device! excting


The Wander is on the left, yeah? Into that one.

Daniel Tyson

We’re asking about the Founder too. But looks like it’s these two models to start.