Software automation site IFTTT, basically IF This, Then That, has today announced that they’ve begun partnering with software makers to incorporate IFTTT functions right into apps.

To begin with IFTTT will work with existing partners who have recipes, sets of software instructions that respond to a set of criteria, to incorporate these functions into their apps. Manufacturers of devices like Ring Video Doorbell, Automatic OBD-II dongle, and the company behind the Wi-Fi lightbulb started by Australian inventor Phil Bosua, LIFX.

Recipes will be able to be activated from within the app itself without having to load separate apps, or webpages. IFTTT say that this new integration gives a more ‘native experience’ which makes ‘IFTTT more accessible than ever’.

IFTTT has advised that integrations with Abode, Awair, BloomSky, Foobot, Garageio, LIFX, Qapital, Roger, Skybell, and Stack Lighting are live today, with Automatic, Emberlight, and Ring Video Doorbell updating their apps soon.

Source: IFTTT.


    1. I’m waiting for the IFTTT recipe for ‘Automatically add uploaded photo to Google Photos to Shared Album’

      Photo management between more than one account solved.