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If you use Android you’ve probably at least used Google Now to see what it’s like, if you’re familiar with it, and you’re using the leaked Nexus Launcher, you may have noticed a new tabbed option on the bottom.

There’s two tabs being reported by some users with the Nexus Launcher installed on their devices, a ‘Home’ which is the Google Now we know and love, and a new tab labelled ‘Dashboard’. According to the guys at Android Police, the Dashboard tab ‘collects data from across the different Google services and pools them all in the tab’.

The interface looks like this:

The actual dashboard view does work, though not very well just yet – much like the Nexus Launcher itself in some respects – so what’s displayed in there is speculative, but could include Auto-Awesomed photos from Photos, Keep To-Do lists when you arrive at a location, or like the one screenshot we have of the Dashboard which simply shows calendar entries:
Dashboard - View

The rumour is that the new Nexus phones will be getting a number of new features exclusive to Nexus, though the rumour is going further that says they will be exclusive to only the new Nexus devices. How solid that is and what features will be included will have to wait for the eventual launch of these Nexus phones. We’ll be seeing them soon we hope and hopefully all these new features like Assistant at the same time.

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Via: Android Police.