Mobile Virtual Network Operator Vaya has announced a new deal for customers, announcing their cheapest option yet. Along with the new plan which is available this week, Vaya is also giving customers peace of mind with a Price Beat Guarantee across their entire range of mobile and data plans.

There are two new plans that Vaya is introducing, both of which come in at the low end of the range. There’s the super cheap, relaunched ‘Unlimited S Plan’ which costs $16 and offers users unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB of mobile data, and they’re also introducing a new ‘Power Plan’. The Power Plan is for users who don’t talk as much, but use more data with 1.5GB of data included, but a limited 650 minutes of talk time (you still get unlimited txt messages), all for only $18.

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Vaya has introduced the new plan options based on new research from marketing research firm Telsyte who revealed that more than half (53 per cent) of Australian consumers that are looking at new mobile plans on a new carrier are driven by price. Telsyte also found more than half of Australian phones are now on non-contract plans, which of course opens the door for Vaya with their offerings.

Jennifer Snell, Senior Digital Marketing and CRM Manager at Vaya said

With the insights from Telsyte showing that mobile users are increasingly open to BYO plans and driven by value, we want to continue to show Aussie consumers that we are committed to providing a low-cost, high quality alternative to the carriers. At the same time, we recognise that while more people are looking to move towards BYO mobile plans, many still want the added security of a low price, capped, one-off payment. Our customers can now have the best of both worlds and grab even more value with one of Vaya’s new 12-month plans.

Vaya is also the first to introduce a price guarantee for anyone who likes to shop around. The new guarantee says that if you find a comparable mobile plan, that’s not a promotion – i.e it’s their every day plan – they’ll not only match it, but give you your first month on Vaya for free.

Vaya operates on the Optus 4G network and offers the same coverage areas. If you’re interested in checking out the plans, you should also check out the coverage map as well before signing up.

If you’re interested in the new Vaya plans, check out the Vaya website for more information.

Source: Vaya.
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    Now, if they’d do a “Power Plan Plus” at $23 ($26)/mo with 5GB of data, I’d consider switching.

    Harrison Pace

    Great time to be a Mobile User in Australia. So many options at very competitive prices.

    PS. I noticed the EZTV torrents mouse-over Preview in the Screenshot. Someone likes their TV Shows 😉