Earlier in the week we spotted Asus’s ZenWatch 3 passing through the FCC. Now the device has been found going through the National Communications Commission (NCC) in China. It seems the NCC in China don’t hold back on their public filings and we’ve got full images of the device, at least the sample device they provided.

First thing you’ll notice is there’s no flat tyre!. That’s right not only has Asus joined the round Smartwatch club but they’ve done it without the much maligned flat tyre display, the question will be is this at the expense of a light sensor? The images also show:

  • 3 button configuration
  • Removable watch bands, silicone style band fetured
  • Metal watch case
  • a Charging disc with pogo pins.
  • What it doesn’t show is any sort of Heart Rate monitor, with the first two ZenWatches also not including a HeartRate monitor there it isn;t too surprising the ZenWatch 3 also doesn’t include the sensor. This could indicate that Asus will maintain their more affordable pricing? With the ZenWatch 3 expected to launch at IFA at the end of the month, we won;t have long to find out all the details.

    How is the round ZenWatch 3 shaping up for you? Let us know below.

    Source: ePrice.
    Via: 9to5Google.
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ZenWatch 1 had a heart rate monitor. It was by touching the outer bezel


I’m still waiting for NFC/Android Pay before I bite the bullet on one of these watches.

Yianni soc

Steam punk android wear watch?
I was looking forward to it, hopefully that’s not final design…?
Hopefully the new Moto or Huawei will be more watch looking.