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Android 7 Nougat
Good news everyone! Virgin Mobile and Vodafone are testing Android N, better known now as Nougat, for the Nexus 6P.

We saw a return to wide adoption of Nexus phones by Australian carriers, with Vodafone, Optus and Virgin Mobile selling the Nexus 6P, while Telstra opted to offer the Nexus 5X. With any carrier there’s a software approval process and with Nexus it’s no different, this of course means that carriers are testing the next version of Android.

Both Vodafone and Virgin Mobile lists the status for the ‘Android N’ update for the Nexus 6P as ‘Testing’ so a release date hasn’t been leaked…yet.

Optus and Telstra haven’t listed any software in testing for their respective Nexus handsets. Optus’ last software update blog was released in late July, so it’s only a matter of time before we get a new one. Telstra is far more cagey with their update, which was published just days ago, also not listing an update for the Nexus 5X in testing.

The last rumour we have for the release of Android Nougat is for this month, and with

Source: Virgin MobileVodafone.
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    I’ve been testing Nougat on Optus since Preview 5 dropped seems pretty stable Nexus 6P