Series 6 of Andrew Bell’s Android Mini Artists series will go on-sale later this year. In total we’ll see 16 Androids released, though you won’t receive a full set even if you purchase a box of 16, with some minis occuring more than once in a box. So far we’ve seen 4 mini’s and today we get two more.

The two shown off today are designed by artist Andrea Kang, and named Miss Jinx and Bad Boss. The minis are similar in style, in fact you could say they look to be twins.
Miss Jinx and Bad Boss

The minis will be included in a 1/16th ratio in each box of 16, so will only be slightly more rare than the 2/16 minis and not as rare as the ‘Special Editions’ of which we have previously seen 4 in each series, though only 2 are included per box. There’s a bunch of shots of Miss Jinx and Bad Boss to check out:

Bad Boss:

Miss Jinx:

The announcement of when you’ll be able to get your hands on the Android Minis will come soon, likely once the majority of the minis have been previewed.

Source: DeadZebra blog.