It’s not something you want to hear, but according to a redditor posting this morning on the /r/android subreddit, he awoke this morning to find his Nexus 6P in the process of ‘exploding’.

The explosion, sounds to be more of a pop when described by the redditor, but nonetheless, the phone as you can see above is now destroyed. The description of what happened:

It was around 3AM and I woke up to a loud pop and was immediately in a thick cloud of smoke, sparks, and a bright red glow coming from my phone on my night stand.

The redditor says he was using the standard USB-C charger that came with the phone itself when he purchased it in November last year. That same USB-C charger the redditor described as being cool to the touch after the incident.

Also destroyed in the incident were his Ringke Fusion case and Popsocket phone stand attached to the rear.

The phone is destroyed and Google has issued an RMA for the device, and issued a replacement, with the supervisor at Google support advising the incident would be investigated further. If you want to check out some more phone gore, you can see the Imgur galleries here and here.

Source: reddit.
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    I have been using a Nexus 6P since they first came out. With the supplied charger in a leather case – I charge it every 2 days and it hardly even gets warm. I live in NSW, Australia. Robert