Chromecast V2 - Black - Lemonade and Coral
Want a Chromecast 2? Don’t want to spend $59 (or even $47)? Then has The GoodGuys got a deal for you.

The GoodGuys began offering a decent deal a while back, with an option to sign up to their service which sends you their digital catalogue, in exchange they will send you a 2x $25 vouchers to be used on purchases totalling $50 or more in their stores. You do have to wait for your 2nd and 5th catalogues to be delivered, to get your vouchers and there are more Terms and Conditions, but still.

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The deal gets quite interesting with The GoodGuys currently price matching Harvey Norman and Officeworks discount on the Chromecast 2 at $47. The price drop only lasts until the 22nd of August so you may miss out on this deal, but if you signed up a while back and are looking for something to spend a voucher on, this is pretty good.

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Of course $47 doesn’t equal $50, so you’ll need to get something to bring that total up over the $50 mark, so you’ll need to find something worth $3 to maximise your savings. Fancy a $3 iPod Touch case? Neither do I but it fits the bill, so you can add that to your cart.


You can sign up to the Digital Catalogue service here, find the Chromecast 2 on their website here, and find the iPod touch case here.

I only just signed up to receive their catalogues, but for 2x $25 vouchers I`m going for the long view here and these deals come around again every so often so get on it while you can.

Via: OzBargain.
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    I signed up for this and was sent week 2’s voucher on the 5th of September with an expiration date of the 19th of September. Not sure how the maths works out re: collecting the second, from week 6(+4 days), before the first runs out.
    Also the voucher has a minimum $50 spend.
    Not sure if I’ve misread something and have confused myself, but thought to put it out there 🙂


    -thumbs up-