HTC Nexus
The 2016 Nexus phone(s) are having a very public week this week, first showing up in a potato quality shot on a random twitter account, then again in some heavily cropped pics, before finally officially landing at the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Now the source of the original leak has posted another shot of the phone from another angle.

The Twitter user – @usbfl – has posted this shot of the side of the phone. The leaker has also said that the half/half glass/metal design that Android Police are talking about may not be final, with the one in his pics sporting a full glass back. The new shot, which again shows off the Nexus 4 like chamfered edges doesn’t reveal anything new but it’s nice to see a new angle.

With Duo launching today, the phones at the FCC, it’s getting closer to a launch and as far as that goes, our wallets are ready. Let’s do this.

Source: @usbfl.
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    Phill Edwards

    I don’t think the glass back matters. I always buy a case anyway.


    To me it looks very much like the HTC 10 but with glass back. I am not liking the glass back as it is too slippery, as my Xperience with the Xperia Z shows. So like @disqus_9dHtI9PK9c:disqus , I think I will stick with the Nexus 6P as well.


    Is Nexus 4 really beautiful? Maybe at that time.


    If Marlin is exactly the same as this ugly glass cover I will keep my 6p for another year. As 6p is more premium than this.


    Hmmm…I’m not going to judge its design until i see it but I’m not liking the idea of it looking like a Nexus 4.


    Headphone socket on top, I will give it a miss


    I’m almost certainly going to buy a Nexus 6P shortly, and this is about the only thing I don’t like about it. Headphone sockets on the bottom please! Although I guess the push for everyone to use Bluetooth headsets means headphone sockets might start getting removed from lots of phones soon. Personally, I’d rather a cable as that’s one less battery to die unexpectedly.

    Adam J

    I made the move to BT recently. The headphones still operate with the cable when the battery is dead, so I’m not fussed where the port is.

    The 6P was to big for my liking and N5X not compelling so I’ll be coming from a Nexus 4 to one of these. I reckon I’ll feel right at home.