It’s hard to find a pay as you go mobile service with a long expiry date, but Australian MVNO Amaysim has today announced they’ve extended the expiry date on their As You Go plan to last for a full year.

A plan with a long expiry means less waste for those looking for a plan where they don’t intend to use a lot of data, calls, or messages, but will be there when they need it. The Amaysim option is perfect for a phone you can keep in the car for emergencies, and simply top up the call credit once a year or even for a childs emergency phone.

Amaysim isn’t just offering basic service, their network is powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, so this plan actually has 4G data included. Not that you’ll want to use a lot of data on this plan, because at 7.2c/MB you’ll pay for it – though you can add data packs to the $5 plan from just $9.90 per GB. You’ll also pay 12c/min for calls to mobiles and landlines in Australia and 12c per SMS. It’s expensive, but gives you an option if you really want that long expiry.

Amaysim Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Balint has said the change to the longer expiry date is a permenant change. The longer expiration dates will automatically be applied to existing customers, and new signups will also be eligible to sign up for the Pay As You Go plan with 365 day expiry.

If you want to check out the Amaysim Pay As You Go plan, you can jump on over to their website for more details.

Source: Amaysim.
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