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With Android Pay now being out in Australia for a little over a month, some of us here have simply changed banks rather than waiting for our institutions to jump on board. However, as Chris discussed whilst the process may be simple, it’s not always so easy.

So, what if you’re sticking with your bank but you want Android Pay goodness? Well if you bank with any of the remaining ‘Big Four’ not already in then you may just be out of luck. However, if you’re with any of the following banks I’d be hitting up customer support now, or just trying to add my cards.

  • Big Sky Building Society Limited
  • Catalyst Money
  • Defence Bank Limited
  • Illawarra Credit Union
  • Northern Beaches Credit Union
  • Police Bank Limited

Several of these banks appeared on the original list of banks that would be supported with Android Pay that we showed in June. Others from that list are still not yet available, but may very well be soon.

Sorry if your bank wasn’t on the list. Having used Android Pay for a month myself I can confirm that it is much easier then using any Banks mobile payment app I’ve tried and almost frictionless, especially if you only have 1 credit card.

If your bank is not on board should let them know how you feel, social channels are always good, Twitter or Facebook draw large audiences. Tag us in your post, we just may share it. And if they don’t listen to you vote with your feet and your wallet.

If you haven’t got Android Pay yet grab it below

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Was your bank on the new list? Did you get Android Pay set up? Let us know below.

Source: Google.
Via: Andrid Police.
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Fiddle Castro

Android Pay vs Samsung Pay … What better??


I’ve been told that ING’s Android Pay support will be available on 24th August. Looking forward to it!

Lee McDougall

Still can’t use it on commbank eftpos terminal tho. Which is quite a few terminals.


No idea how to tag you in FB as you are not a person… but I just requested via FB that Newcastle Perm add android pay support…. and got a quick reply that she would pass on the request.

for what it is worth…


4 months later… means nothing!

Mark Corlson

I just recently switched to ANZ because Commonwealth refuse to partner with these digital payment services.


Many I have spoken with have done the same thing, that’s consumer choice for you


Do any banks support Android Pay with a normal savings/eftpos account? I try to avoid using a credit card wherever possible and Commbank (who I bank with) has an nfc app but it doesn’t support the fingerprint reader, requiring you to type a pin in every time.


Yep, I switched from CBA to get Android Pay. I think ING will soon go live and their credit cards are actually debit cards. Other banks may offer similar. It has to be a Visa or Master card but not necessarily a “Credit Card”.
I think it’s time to switch banks!


you can also load on the pre paid credit cards, I must give that a go.

Ken Hoban

I’m.with Bendigo bank who just started using Android pay this week. You can use a debit card as long as it is one of the MasterCard ones such as the blue cards. I only have a savings hooked to it and works flawlessly.


Wife is having S7 who is a Commonwealth customer, but it neither supports samsung pay or Android pay ?

Kevin Read

The CommBank app uses it’s own payment process and wrks seamlessly with most EFTPOS hardware. I use it with my S7 Edge and Nexus 6P without any drama.

That said, I do wish the main banks would see the light and support both Apple and Android pay, letting the customer have some choice.


I left CBA, never looked back, paying without opening the app and typing in the pin, not to mention the crazy load times is the way mobile payments should be.


I am wondering are there any real customers for those Banks?


So a bunch of nothing banks.


Not to those who bank there!


Obviously. I’m just bitter.