We’re getting closer to the launch of series 6 of the Artist Series of the Android mini collectibles from Andrew Bell and his artist friends, and this week we get another taste of what’s to come. There’s been some decent looking Androids so far, and these new ones are no different.

First up is the ‘Amanita’ design from Andrew himself, the design uses the clear Android mini shell from previous series, and decorates it like a mushroom. The design can be taken apart with the head popping off to create a standalone mushroom figure, or just displayed as a whole.

You’ll find one of these in each case of 16 if you buy a whole box, so keep an eye out for him.

Next up for fans of the musical hit Grease, with the ‘Greaser’ modelled on the style of the 1950’s. The mini comes with a painted on comb in his back pocket to keep that slicked down hair looking its very slicky, oily best. Unfortunately there’s no actual comb for the Greaser to hold, but still it’s pretty cool.

You’ll find only a single Greaser in each case of 16, so it’s going to be relatively rare, but it’s still not one of those ultra-collectibles Andrew normally includes – you only get two of four of those in each case of 16.

The Series 6 Artist Series will go on-sale later this year, we’ll see more on when exactly that will happen later this year.

Source: Dead Zebra.