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If you noticed a function missing after you updated to the latest version of Chrome, you can now get it back with this new Chrome Extension that Google themselves have released.

‘Which function?’ You ask? The ability to hit the backspace key and go back a page. In Chrome 52, Google replaced the backspace key option with a keyboard shortcut combo ‘ALT+ Arrow Keys’, due to some people loosing work when they hit backspace, but removing the backspace option to go back a page does’t suit everyone so they released a Chrome Extension – Go Back with Backspace.

There are some limits to the Chrome Extension, the backspace won’t work if you’re in the middle of writing something and it won’t work on ‘certain special pages’ such as the “chrome://” pages such as ‘Settings or Extensions’.

If you were affected by the update (you have to have updated to Chrome 52), you can now install the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Source: Chrome Web Store.
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    backspace to go back a page is a stupid thing. Web pages are often forms and when you are filling in something in the browser and hit backspace when typing it often would wipe all the work you have done.
    Backspace is for typing not for changing pages.


    Removing that ‘feature’ is literally the best thing Google have ever done with Chrome

    Max Luong

    I love how the example image is a Chromebook that already has a dedicated Back button. ?

    Darren Ferguson

    No wonder I couldn’t get it to work. It’s alt + arrow key, not alt + backspace.