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The Hauwei built Nexus 6P was a roaring success for the manufacturer and it seems they’re wanting to continue this winning formula with the Mate S2 which seems to have passed through TENAA (the Chinese equivalent of the FCC) recently.


Sporting a full metal body, the fingerprint reader and panel or “visor” as Google calls it on the Nexus 6P, that sits at the top edge of the rear of the device means there’s a lot to make the comparison to the 6P. But when the specs are examined a bit closer there’s a couple of differences. These start with the .2″ screen size increase to 5.9-inch, while the resolution drops to a 1080p display, although with an extra 1GB of RAM over the 6P at 4GB it makes a difference, according to the docs, the phone will launch with Android 7.0 Nougat.

We could see more about this at IFA in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled.

As a Huawei branded device, would you consider the Mate S2 if it lands at the right price?

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EMUI? If so not a chance. Nearly bought a p9 but the interface felt like I was going back in time. If nougat truly separates the UI from asop, then maybe.


Nowei, m8..

William Neal

With a loss of screen resolution? No. I won’t leave my Nexus 6P for this. Would rather get BlackBerry’s “droid”, as dumb/safe as it is, for the Expandable/Removable MEMORY!!!!

Adam J

Gotta nice ring to it – “Who are we Mate?”




Exactly. Only bought the 6P because it was a Nexus, not because it was Hawaii.


Personally, I’d stick with the 6P at this stage, in order to be sure of software updates.

Björn Rostron

Love the 6P. Loving my first foray into the Nexus brand. Immediate updates and a massive choice in modding communities out there.