Android 7 Nougat

With the APIs for Nougat finalised and 5 developer previews in the wild, we’re approaching the inevitable launch of both Android 7.0 Nougat and the hotly anticipated 2016 Nexus/ Google phones. If a post from Canadian carrier Telus is to be believed, the Android 7.0 update will commence for existing Nexus devices this coming Monday – well, Tuesday in Australia.

Even taking international time zones into account, as well as Googles frustrating rollout program, we may not see this update for a day or two after that. Now a post from a carrier on their site about when they expect an update to go out isn’t iron clad proof, however, it’s a fairly strong signal. Here’s the list:

nougat update telus

In terms of local availability, two Australian carriers so far – Virgin Mobile and Vodafone – are testing Nougat for the Nexus 6P, though Vodafone yesterday advised an issue had been referred back to Huawei.

Traditionally, new updates to Nexus phones accompany the launch of their newest devices so the question is could we be seeing the two 2016 Nexus phones next week? We spotted two HTC made Nexus devices going through the FCC so that would indicate that they are at least getting close. With the rumours suggesting Google will also launch two Android Wear devices in the near future as well as their Google Home device.

It will be interesting to see if this is done in one big event or broken out into separate launches. Anything is possible with Google, we could get a blog post in the dead of the night or they could do a big launch. Time will tell.

With Nexus season fast approaching are you getting excited?

Source: Telus.
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Michael Oesterheld

I’m so glad I bought a nexus (6p) this time. I actually going to hang onto a phone for longer than 12 months…………… Well maybe lol.


Telus were spot on with the Marshmallow update as well. So I’d put money on them being correct.


yay nexus season!


Australia typically gets new Android versions two weeks after an American release.


What you talking bout Willis.
Australia gets it at the same time. As per above Google has their own rollout schedule where it trickles the update out so you might need to wait till your device gets it however they do not delay Australia.


No they don’t, the rollout generally starts with America and other regions around the globe. Australia has in the past received it around the initial two week Mark after the roll our started. This has been the case for my Nexus 5 with lollipop and marshmallow.


I’ve had a couple of updates day 1 on may N5