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Yesterday we listed 6 more Australian financial institutions that had gone live for Google’s mobile payment system Android Pay. Unfortunately for some, their banks weren’t on that list. We had heard support for more banks was just around the corner, and with CUA finally getting their customers on board, we touched base with ING Direct.

ING Direct confirmed they’ll be launching support for their customers next week (Wednesday 24 August). Thanks Alissa!

If you’re an ING customer with a Visa Debit Card this should be great news. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out who else is joining the growing number of Australian Banks, Credit Unions etc to sign up for Android Pay. No one else is showing their cards, yet.

We have heard from Westpac’s customer support team that they are in fact still working with Google on releasing Android Pay to their customers in the future. This is great news for Westpac customers. Westpac’s other brands (including Bank SA, Bank of Melbourne and St George) are advising their customers in similar terms.

The stern refusal of Commonwealth Bank and National Bank, two of the largest banks in the country, to add support for the Android Pay, and other mobile payment systems feels very self-serving and definitely not customer focused.

We are hearing from a lot of readers that they are either completely leaving these institutions, or moving over at least their credit card accounts. If your institution isn’t going to support the payment method that YOU want to use I think it’s time you found a new bank, don’t you?

What bank do you hope gets added on Wednesday? Let us know and we’ll try to reach out to them.

Source: ING.
Thanks: +Dan Goodes.
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Android Pay is live for ING Direct. I just registered my debit card.


Hey Tim, how do you set it up. I enabled NFC and Tap and Pay appears in my phones settings, and Android Pay is there too? Was there an update to ING’s app today?


Sorry ignore me. Didn’t realise there was a separate Android Pay app which was disabled on my phone. All good




Hi Duncan, any news on ING and Android Pay. I cant see any news on their Twitter or FB pages. No updates to their app so far today either. Cheers


Android Pay was the motivating factor to finally changing banks, thought I jumped the gun on ING Direct a bit too early but looks like my first payroll payment into that account next week is right on time!