Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung’s latest Galaxy phone goes on-sale in Australia this morning, and from all accounts it’s a great device. The phone packs all the latest hardware and comes with new features like IP68 waterproofing and of course an iris scanner. For people who pre-ordered the phone over the lasts few weeks since it was announced, a free 256GB microSD card is being included with the phone, and for those people today is the day to pick up their phone.

If you still haven’t made the leap, we’ve rounded up the pricing for the Galaxy Note 7 at all the carriers and retailers around Australia, and you can buy any colour option – Gold, Silver or Black – as long as it isn’t Blue. Duncan has written up his review and Ifixit has torn it asunder to see what makes it tick. So the question is: Did you get one? or are you going to?

If you are buying, let us know which colour you’re going to get, if you’re not buying, then let us know which phone you’re waiting on below in the comments.

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Sanele Penese

Going to wait till the price drops under $1000.00 whilst its on a sale like when the samsung s7 and s7 edge was.

Brad Hook

My mate smashed the bottom half on the back on the first hip high drop. 8 hours after unboxing. Ouch.


Very impressed so far, thought I’d want to go back to my 6P running N -nah!


You know, when you are spending so much… a lot! on mobiles these days you would think they would come with a factory installed screen protector. And not just the scratch resistance film they ship with. In the great scheme of things, how much would that really cost them? 50 cents per mobile? And of course if you don’t want it you can pull it off.
I know they spout gorilla glass blah blah blah, but everyone I know, the very first thing they buy for their mobile is a screen protector.


$1349? No thanks. there are amazing mid range devices that do it all these days. You’d have to really want that S-Pen to folk out the cash. The rest of the phone is nothing fancy.


Should have a pre-ordered but not available option 😉


Waiting for Moto Z Force

Ashley Sommer

I would love to, but I don’t have any first-borns to sell yet, and I’ve run out of kidneys.


Nope, not spending $1350 on a phone that can’t even have its battery replaced without it being destroyed.


just picked mine up about 30 mins ago


Which phone provider?
I pre ordered mine with optus weeks ago and they’re saying not due in until next week


How are you liking it?


Waiting for the new Nexii to be released. Can’t beat having pure Android with guaranteed updates 🙂

Someone in the office just collected their preorder though and it does look nice.


Waiting for the new Nexii too, although being in the process of buying a new house means I’ll probably end up buying a discounted 6P! Can’t beat the guaranteed updates.