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Google’s new Family Sharing Plan is for the most part a pretty great service, allowing you to share most of your content purchased through Google Play with up to 5 other family members. It’s fairly new and to encourage people to sign up, Google is sending emails to unattached Gmail accounts offering 50% off any movie purchase.

The offer appears to only be going to those GMail accounts with a payment method attached on Google Play – I tried adding a payment method to an old account I hadn’t used on Google Play previously and received the email soon after. The email is titled Introducing Google Play Family Library and the voucher appears at the bottom. Each email has a one-time use code attached to it – which I was able to share with my wife.

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It’s obviously only going to be sent to accounts that support Family Sharing Plan on Google Play, this means Google Apps or Google for work accounts aren’t eligible, only Gmail account appear to have received it at this stage.

I’ve created an account this morning, attached a payment method, but have so far not received the email, so it may only be going to existing accounts once a payment method is attached. If you don’t like having a payment method attached you can add, then remove it.

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    Now if they’d just fix the error that stops users on the YouTube Red intro offer from being not being able to upgrade that would be great

    Shea Quinn

    Gosh dangit! I just converted my 9.99 google music subscription to the family plan (now that the family is all android) so if I understand correctly I just missed out.


    Hi, how much is the family plan? I’m a bit reluctant to cancel my $10 intro offer on YouTube Red/GPM. Thanks