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When was the last time you donated blood? That’s a question a lot of people are asking themselves thanks to the Red Cross ‘International Missing Type’ campaign that’s running at the moment. S msung is currently sending emails to those on their mailing list prompting them to give blood.

The International Missing Type Campaign has launched in a number of countries so far, and you’ll have seen its effects in Australia with various businesses and organisations removing the letters ‘A, B and O’ (all the different blood groups) from the signs out front. It’s basically trying to help remind you to donate blood if you’re eligible.

Samsung Australia’s email spells out the message:

We’ve temporarily removed the ‘A’ in Samsung to help the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to highlight that there aren’t enough people donating blood. If you are eligible to donate blood, you can make a real difference by signing up to become a blood donor today.


To find out if you’re eligible just head to the Australian Red Cross website, check and you can then register and get to donating ASAP. It doesn’t take long as Samsung points out:

Giving blood only takes an hour of your time but it could make a lifetime of difference. 1 in 3 Australians will need a blood transfusion or product at some point during their lifetime.

As someone who’s had a big impact made in my life from the generous donation of organs and blood products, I strongly encourage people to donate blood regularly, and when the unfortunate inevitability occurs, to ensure they are signed up to donate any organs they can.

Samsung isn’t the only brand getting in on this message, the Red Cross Missing Type Instagram account shows a lot of iconic Australian brands are getting in on the action – make sure you check them all out.

Source: Donate Blood.
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I’m going to give blood. Gre t initi tive.


@DanielTyson:disqus There seems to be something wrong with your keyboard. Have a look at the title of the article “S msung ustr li is prompting you to donate blood”. The whole sentence is missing the letter “A”. Funnily enough, it is still quite legible.

Phill Edwards

I think you missed the point, rather than Daniel’s keyboard missing As. Have another read.


Sorry, man. I did miss the point. The explanation of the missing As is in the post and I totally missed it. Embarrassing.