Wednesday , June 6 2018

We just found a Samsung Scoop (pardon the pun) 

Samsung 2

It’s not every day you get to scoop a Scoop, but today is such a day. We’ve spotted a Bluetooth speaker from Samsung passing through the FCC. It’s clear that this is a design-first device. That’s not to say it won’t sound great, it very well may but this is a very stylish little speaker.

The speaker includes the standard micro Bluetooth speaker set up with a leather carry strap, Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm input jack, Micro USB charging port and a microphone for hands-free calling. There was no mention of battery capacity, however, with such a small form factor I wouldn’t expect it to run all day.

Overall the speaker is somewhat reminiscent of a squat Google Home device and looks quite striking, Samsung is definitely on top of their design game this year. With IFA just a few weeks away it’s possible this little guy will be seeing the limelight sometime soon.

Source: FCC.

Duncan Jaffrey   Journalist

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  1. 2.5mm jack? I thought those things had disappeared long ago.

  2. May be a smart home device to complete with Alexa and Google Home

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