Android 7 Nougat
With Android Nougat going official today, it’s time to turn to carriers in Australia to find out when the update will arrive. It looks like Optus will be first off the bat, updating their software update page to advise that testing has been completed.

In terms of Nexus devices sold through carriers, there can be a delay as they test the update. Though vanilla in terms of load, as we’ve seen previously, carriers can block updates based on the network identifier. Google acknowledges there can be a delay on their support page (emphasis is ours):

Android version updates
Nexus devices get the latest version of Android directly from Google.

If you bought your device from the Google Store, updates will typically reach your device within 2 weeks. If you bought your device from a mobile carrier or other third party, updates may take longer.

But back to the good news for Optus owners, their testing is complete according to their website:

Screenshot 2016-08-23 at 8.19.59 PM

In terms of other carriers, Vodafone has advised they’ve referred an issue with the update back to Huawei, Virgin Mobile is still testing their update, and Telstra hasn’t listed the Nougat update for the Nexus 5X as being tested at all.

There may still be a delay in getting the update to your device if you’re on Optus, as Google tends to stagger the release. It does seem the fastest way to get the update is to be on the Nougat Beta as both my Pixel C and Nexus 5X have received the update prompt today – so if you really can’t wait, try that.

Source: Optus.
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I’m on Optus and my Nexus 6p received its update first thing yesterday morning.. but then I’ve been on the developer previews prior to that.

Akshay Sharma

I put my Nexus 6P on the Beta and immediately received the 7.0 update. Not a beta build but the release build. You can immediately go an d remove from the beta once you’ve updated.

Dean Rosolen

Seems odd that Telstra are saying nothing at all about Nougat for the 5X (not putting my phone on the beta track). Then again, I’m not surprised given their communication about updates in general has been spotty.