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After a couple of weeks of Google recycling some of their older deals, this week we get two new apps with PlayerPro Music Player and League of Stickman, both reduced to 20c each.

App Deal of the Week
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PlayerPro Music Player
Looks like Google has gone multimedia for the App of the week, with the description for PlayerPro Music Player listing the app as ‘an advanced music and video player for Android devices’.

The app looks pretty decent, with a 5 band graphic equalizer that includes a number of pre-sets, as well as an option to download a free 10 band graphic equaliser. Users will also get additional effects such as Bass Boost and Reverb effects. There’s also a tag editor, and you can opt to view or edit lyrics for songs from the ID3 tag.

I`m not one for local music playback, but if you’ve been looking for something to playback local files, this could be the one for you. You can hit the PlayerPro Music Player Trial for the free version to check out what the app is like, but for 20c, you may as well just grab the full version from Google Play.

PlayerPro Music Player (Pro)
PlayerPro Music Player (Pro)
Developer: BlastOn SA
Price: $3.99

Game Deal of the Week
League of Stickman
Get ready to rock in this action, side-scrolling platformer, which will see you controlling a character running through a shadow world. There seems to be some sort of link to League of Legends, but as I’ve never played that I can’t comment further.

The game looks like a bit of fun, it seems to be a button masher that you can traverse levels taking out enemies and defeating bosses as you go. There’s a few features like a bunch of characters, multi-player and loads of levels, it looks fun:

There’s obviously a drawback in most games in that you’ll have to pay through micro-transactions to really get ahead if you don’t want to grind through the game. In-App Purchases will set you back $1.33 – $142.83 per item so be aware of that.

If you want to check it out, it’s only 20c so you can see how you go. Head over to Google Play and check it out.

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