It’s been fun meeting all the new Series 6 artist series Androids, and today we get a look at the ‘metallic’ mini and a new custom that’s made it to the series.

First up is Benjamin Franklin from customiser Dwayne Morris who has been creating custom Androids for collectors for some time. The Ben Franklin mini includes glasses as well as a kite with a key attached to the string as a salute to the infamous experiment with lightning that Franklin is rumoured to have run.

Ben is the first Android Mini we’ve seen that Andrew has advised will have a ‘Chase’ variant in the series. Chase variants appear usually 2 in every box of 16, with 4 in total for the series. Ben himself will appear once in every case of 16.

Next we see the metallic for the series. Since Series 3, Andrew has been including a metallic coloured Android in the series – Silver, Gold and Green have appeared so far and Sheen is next. According to Andrew ‘“Sheen” shows off with a shiny automotive-like metallic finish that changes with the light’.

There’s one ‘Sheen’ in every box of 16 Series 6 Android Minis, so keep a look out for this one.

While Andrew Bell hasn’t put the series 6 box up for pre-order on Dead Zebra yet, you can pre-order a box from Chinese retailer HypePulse. If you’re interested it will cost you about $230AUD for a box of 16 Android Minis (including delivery) which include both the Androids you see here.

Source: Dead Zebra.