Sony has an event coming up very soon at IFA, there’s a number of devices expected to be released at the event one of which we can tell from their invite is a phone. Exactly which phone is to be released isn’t clear but it’s possible it could be an Xperia X Compact.

Everybody’s favourite internet leaker Evan Blass has been busy again, leaking the image of a device he’s calling the Xperia X Compact. It looks like a Sony, and has the hallmarks like the Xperia wallpaper, and icons for Sony apps. It appears that the Xperia camera button will also make an appearance on the Compact as well.

When Sony announced their Xperia X series of phones in February as a replacement for the Xperia Z line, there was no mention of a compact model leaving some Sony fans lamenting the loss. If this is a return to form for Sony and their Compact range, it will mean a few fans will be ecstatic.

The details on the phone specs will have to wait for an announcement, but we’re hoping for another high end compact Sony phone to enter the market. We’ll know more about it soon enough.

Source: @evleaks.
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might not be dead but i think its getting bigger! from 4.3 to 4.7 inch screen is fairly big jump