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Google’s roll-out of Material Design to all of their properties has certainly slowed since the fast paced ways of its release. That said whenever a page gets migrated to Google’s Material design spec it’s a good thing.

Recently Google’s URL shortening site has been given the full material treatment, and it looks good. No only has the landing page been refreshed, which still offers yo access to a quick URL shortener and a list of all of your current shortened URLs, Google has also given the analytics some responsive Material love.

google url material

The new responsive dashboard provides you with analytics of your shortened URL displaying which site people clicked from, what country they were in, what browser they were using, what platform they were on as well as a timeline of your clicks. The redesign is welcome, and demonstrated that Google is in some ways still working on the Materalification of their sites, however, for me, I want to know when Google calendar gets its long overdue refresh?

Which Google site do you want to see Materalised next? Let us know below.

Source: Google.
Via: 9to5Google.