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Google has begun adding notices to the very few people who were using their Device Assist app, advising that the service is shutting down.

Google launched the app in December 2014 aimed at Nexus, Google Play Edition or Android One devices with Android 5.0, Lollipop on-board. The app offered tips through the apps, including an option to detect problems on the phone. Google even offered a support call from a Google representative…if you lived in the US.

Like many services Google launched Device Assist in the US, but never got around to expanding the service beyond their borders. Lack of take up of the app could possibly have been the issue. Now when you open the app, you get a card notification right in the app advising the app is shutting down.
Device Assist - Shutting down

If you really still want to take a look, you can download the original APK from here, then you’ll be prompted to update it through Google Play.

Suffice to say, the app is dead if not yet quite gone, even if it never actually made it to Australia (or most other countries) but all the tips that the app had to offer lives on in Google’s Android Tips and Tricks site they launched recently.

Via: Android Police.