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Whatsapp update their terms of service to include data sharing with Facebook


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Facebook purchased Whatsapp a couple of years ago which (particularly for non-Facebook users) caused some concern about privacy with the potential for data sharing. That concern has come to fruition with their latest update to the terms of service – but don’t fret because you can opt out.

The update outlines what data they use and essentially that its used for advertising and combating spam.

We joined Facebook in 2014. WhatsApp is now part of the Facebook family of companies. Our Privacy Policy explains how we work together to improve our services and offerings, like fighting spam across apps, making product suggestions, and showing relevant offers and ads on Facebook. Nothing you share on WhatsApp, including your messages, photos, and account information, will be shared onto Facebook or any of our other family of apps for others to see, and nothing you post on those apps will be shared on WhatsApp for others to see.

Regardless of your feelings on the data sharing its great to see that the option to opt out has been offered as a part of this arrangement to ensure that users feel that their data is still protected.

The process is very simple, just open settings –> Account and un-tick the box that allows the data sharing.

If you’re a Whatsapp user, will you be sharing your data with Facebook?

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4 years ago

When is video calling coming….

Fred Nerf
Fred Nerf
Reply to  WAusJackBauer
4 years ago

*That’s* your concern? Jesus wept… read the article again!

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson
Reply to  Fred Nerf
4 years ago

Targetted advertising – nothing new there. Combating spam – quite useful.