Now on Tap - DownUpdate: It’s working again (as of 6.15am Tuesday 30 August).

It’s the almost forgotten service, Google Now On Tap, the service that will contextually grab data from what you’re doing at the time and give you information, or perform functions like add a calendar entry automatically – but it seems to be down.

Several people are reporting that Google Now On Tap is giving an error ‘Google Now Can’t be reached at the moment’. It’s only Google Now On Tap, with Google Now, the card based interface filled with information about weather, stocks and more, still up and running.

It appears that Google has now status for Android services such as Google Now or Now on Tap on their service status board – with all other Google services reporting as green.

It’s not clear how long the service outage will last, but it’s down for the moment and we’ll follow up with Google to see if there is any issues currently affecting the service.

Thanks: George.
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    Google now seems to be down for me again.It’s always a little hit and miss, but it’s over a day now.
    I wonder if it’s related to the inability to redeem the 100GB drive space, which came with my LG G5? I get notifications to redeem it but it fails every time I try…


    Quick suggestion to people : If you haven’t updated your “Google” app (the one with the Google Now in it) recently, try updating that and see if it makes a difference.


    Intermittently failing for me still.

    I see these errors in the android logs:

    08-31 15:08:22.423 17823 18362 E VelvetNetworkClient: Received ERROR from server: 500
    08-31 15:08:22.423 17823 18362 W RequestManagerImpl: Error sending request to the server: 5

    The server error 500 is a good indicator of it being a Google server problem.

    Tim Harman

    It wasn’t working for me yesterday after 12pm (New Zealand time). Woke up at 6:30am this morning and it was working fine. Again today after 12pm it’s started to fail with the error message. Google must be getting something ready, or something is just not a happy camper.

    Chris Johnson

    I’m still suffering through it as of 9 am on the 31st. Won’t update Google now cards, nor now on tap


    Yep. Still seeing it happen too


    Still getting it! Both Google now and on tap, I was thinking the same as someone said further down, maybe it’s linked to the imminent release of assistant and allo, we may see in a day or two.


    Its still down here in Australia, im a beta tester as well and the ads in google now stories is driving me nuts, ive reported it twice to them, but the ads over riding the stories is madness.Adds beging you to hit some jackpot button or promo

    Gordon Chan

    It seems Google thinks that Google now launcher is perfect and no need to patch it since October, 2015


    It is patched via the ‘Google App’ app, not via the ‘Google Now Launcher’ app.

    The Google Now Launcher app is just a stub (or pointer) to the Google App (along with some wallpapers)

    John Reid

    Up… And down again.

    There are reports of the same issue for Hong Kong, so it could be regional.


    Yeah. I’ve had people in Japan say they are experiencing it as well. It’s times like this I wish Google had some sort of public notice site to tell people what’s happening and expected repair time.

    Lucas Buchanan

    It’s been intermittent on my LGG4 too. No response at the moment.


    I’m having this issue for Google Now and Now on Tap, and I’m also unable to enter the Google Play store app now – getting “Error while retrieving information from server. [RH-01]”. Nexus 6P running N on Telstra.

    Brad Estes

    I had the great timing to take out an old phone last night to prep for an eBay sale. I thougt it may have been due to the phone and Google services not updating for a couple years as it was play store, Google now… Google services that required a login… that weren’t working. Ultimately disabling play store and resetting allowed me to connect. I was going to post a solution for the many people I found on Google with the same problem as no one had an answer. Now that I’ve read this I’m wondering if it was good… Read more »

    Dean Rosolen

    I’m also getting “Google Now cannot be reached” errors on the Google Now home screen. This also seems to be affecting the “OK Google” voice commands.

    At first, I thought it might’ve been a side effect of me not doing a factory reset after upgrading to Nougat on my Nexus 5X (using adb sideload). Glad to know it’s not just me having issues.


    Definitely seems to be a number of people experiencing it. I hesitate to say everyone is experiencing it! It may work fine at times, but depending on how often you use this service a day you may not notice. Attempt to use the service numerous times (either through the Google Now Launcher or through Now On Tap and I am almost certain you will be greeted with ‘Connection Error’ or some such other message. Also, people using rather old handsets (Xperia Z on Jellybean) are also seeing this issue (this is happening to my partner’s phone). So, I think your… Read more »


    ok… its not just me.
    Still getting intermittent connections.
    Its good to see that there is still a few of us using this forgotten service.


    And as of 10.00am Sydney time… It’s down again. Same issues. Unable to connect to Google Now and Now On Tap not working. Bugger


    I’m still getting intermittent errors in Google Now.


    Also tells lies at to how long ago the content was last updated.

    Connor Payne

    It works fine on my DROID Turbo 2


    I’ve been getting intermittent errors in Google Now the last day or two also. N on a 6P


    Yep. I’ve been seeing the same last two or three days. Both on standard Google Now and Now On Tap. Only works intermittently. Keep trying to refresh and it’ll work, but not consistently. Google support had no idea. Seems to also happen to my partner (who’s still on Jellybean and using an Xperia Z). Could be a widespread thing?


    I did wonder if they were making some changes ahead of Assistant and the new Nexus Launcher. We know it links in with the similar bits to Google Now and Now on Tap – and there have been outages on Google Now for me (eg at the moment it’s “cannot be reached, content last updated 2 hours ago”).


    I’m getting the same inconsistent outages both with Google Now and Now on Tap


    It’s still happening for me intermittently. Anyone found a quick fix?


    Down for me too. I had it working intermittently by adjusting location settings and other account settings – but not working at all now. Now On Tap is not working either.


    I’m hoping it’s on their end. It’s working now, at home on wifi. I actually use both services quite a bit and really want this sorted soon. Fingers crossed they make a quick solution.

    Adam J

    It wasn’t working for me but I just forced stopped it and went back in and then it was fine.