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Google has been playing around with ChromeGoogle casting from Chrome natively for some time now. Today Google has finally acknowledged what we’ve known was included in Chrome since last month.

The Google Cast Chrome extension is now no longer needed, with Google advising that the Google Cast icon will now show up ‘When you’re on websites that are integrated with Cast’. For websites that aren’t ‘integrated’ with Google Cast you can now select ‘Cast…’ from the right click menu in Chrome.

The new Google Cast function from Chrome also extends to casting to Hangouts, meaning those presentations can get more interesting as you cast tabs full of presentations, graphs or whatever tickles your fancy.

The Hangouts Casting function is included for signed-in Chrome users on Chrome 52 and above, while general casting from Chrome is included in ‘latest version of Chrome’, so make sure you’re up to date.

Source: Google Apps UpdateChrome Blog.