Tuesday , June 5 2018

New HTC Nexus renders leak claim the best look at Sailfish yet

HTC Nexus

As we quickly approach the inevitable launch and then release of the 2016 Nexus (we’re just rolling with Nexus until we find out what they’re named) phones, the leaks and rumours keep rolling out. Today’s leak shows the smaller 5″ Nexus Sailfish in a set of ‘press renders’. Now all rumours require a liberal application of salt, however, this one will need a double dose. It’s time to keester those salt packets, folks!

The ultimate source of the images is the Chinese answer to Twitter, Weibo. We must bear in mind that the images haven’t come from some of the more reliable, and often correct, phone tipsters on the net. However, a good Nexus leak is still exciting, even if it’s a little on the shaky side.

Overall the renders line up with the previous rumours, and this far into the leak-season that isn’t surprising. The renders clearly show off the large glass panel on the rear of the device where the radios, NFC, and perhaps (but unfortunately unlikely) even Qi charging Coils are expected to be, the fingerprint sensor, USB-C connector and makes the device look less angular than some previous leaks.

With a little under a month until the ‘expected’ launch event (based on previous events) we won’t have long until the device is official.

How is the design of the new Nexus devices looking to you? Let us know below.

Source: AndroidPure.

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  1. Isn’t this an iPhone?

  2. Granted these are from china. But why have an individual fingerprint sensor AND a power/standby button.

    But i do like the button positioning of the volume and stand by buttons.
    Looking at my S6 and those renders. The phones look very similar with the bezel widths, corner radii and ear speakers.

    Definitely looking forward to the release.

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