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If you’ve ever wanted to save or curate a list of great places to visit, then Google Maps is about to fulfill that wish.

Google Maps has started letting Google Local Guides at level 4 and above start saving lists of their favourite places. These places can be lists of favourite stores, best places to get a sausage roll or coffee, or even a list of places to visit on your next holiday – it’s up to you.

When you want to you just search a Maps entry, pull up the card and hit ‘Save’. You can save a place in several lists if it fulfills the requirements you have on several lists. There’s pre-made lists: Favourite, Want to Go, Starred Places or you can create your own list with a custom name up to 40 characters long.

To have a look at your saved lists you can go to the Nav drawer > Your Places and then select the ‘Saved’ tab. From there you can view your lists, add a new one, or edit or delete them.

The only thing missing from this is the ability to share those lists. It would be good to have a list of say tourist attractions, cafes, restaurants etc. and be able to share that list with visitors from out of town.

The update is rolling out to Google Maps now, but as above, you have to be a Google Local Guide at level 4 or above to access it first – a good a reason as any to join the Local Guides program. The function will roll out more broadly with Google advising ‘We’re rolling out lists to Level 4+ Local Guides on Google Maps for Android over the next week — months before we launch to the public’, so stay tuned.