Fossil Q - Wander - Marshall
Hot on the heels of their US launch, Fossil has added the Fossil Q Wander and Marshall Android Wear smartwatches to their Australian website and they’re ready to order.

The pricing is commensurate with their fashion stylings, with Fossil a well known entity in the fashion watch world. Pricing ranges from $479 to $499 for both watches depending on the strap and case design you choose. Both watches feature a stainless steel case 45mm in diameter, ranging from 13.5mm thick for the Q Wander to 14mm for the Q Marshall. While the Q Wander has a curving, case with wire lugs, the Q Marshal has a more ‘rugged’ case – both watches support 22mm interchangeable bands.

The watches spec list is pretty bare bones, with display, processor and RAM information all missing, though they both ship with 4GB of storage and a 360mAh battery which Fossil says will last all day. We’re currently trying to nail down the specs with Fossil right now.

The devices are below:

Fossil Q Marshal

Fossil Q Wander

  • Q Wander with Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel – $499
  • Q Wander with Stainless Steel – $499
  • There’s a bit of markup on the Fossil Q Wander and Marshal, with prices for the watches starting at $295USD in the US. We’re getting free shipping for the watches if you purchase from the Fossil Australia online store, with shipping taking 3-5 business days, or there’s an expedited 1-2 business day delivery option for an additional $12.

    We’re trying to get hands on with the Fossil Q Wander and Fossil Q Marshall here in Australia, and we hope to have a review of these beautiful watches as soon as possible.

    Source: Fossil Australia.
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    George K.

    I have the smoke stainless Marshall. It’s okay, the battery life is far worse than my old LG watch urbane lasting only a day, if that and the screen is terrible and washed out looking compared to the Oled screens on both the watch Urbane and my Samsung Gear S2.. I still love the look of it though, so I bought it despite the issues listed above.


    Anyone have any idea how Fossil is with updates?

    I might have a look when they are in stores.


    Seems like they are powered by the same processor (Snapdragon Wear 2100), which is likely going to be the reference platform for Android Wear for MY17. Don’t think update is going to be an issue hardware-wise. However, judging from the fact that Fossil has not really been involved much in the technology space, I would proceed with caution as they don’t have a track record on whether they will provide timely update.

    Yianni soc

    Love the Marshall in black. One of the photos on the fossil site shows what looks to be a speaker grill on the left. Any idea if that can be used to make Bluetooth calls with a paired phone?


    Dibs on the Wander with Stainless and/or the Marshall with Smoke! Saw the store display walking past a closed Fossil store this morn, might try and check them out also.