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I may not be a music lover, but a book worm I am. I`m also a massive fan of Australian author Matthew Reilly who’s action packed novels have been entertaining readers world-wide since he self-published his first novel, Contest, in 1996. 20 years on, we’re about to get the 4th book in his Jack West series next month and to hype up the launch, he’s giving away a free short story on Google Play.

The short story, called simply ‘Jack West Jr and the Hero’s Helmet‘, features the hero of the series, Jack West. The story tells how he came to wear the battered fireman’s helmet he has worn throughout his adventures in the series. The helmet has played a part in the three preceeding novels and is just as much a part of the character as the bionic arm he uses after having his own seared off by molten lava.

The next novel in the series, titled The Four Legendary Kingdoms goes on-sale on the 18th of October, but is also available to pre-order from Google Play for $17.99.

If you haven’t read any of his works, think complete bat-shit insane action sequences from page one all the way to the end. If you get through the Jack West series and want more (and you will), the Shane ‘Scarecrow’ Schoefield series will similarly get you going, and they’re all available on Google Play as well.

Head over to Google Play Books and grab the short story and see what you think. If you’re deadset against downloading from Google Play Books though, you can also grab the PDF from the man himself.

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    I read ‘The Great Zoo of China’ which I found particularly dire but the Jack West books have been fine YA fare (in an Indiana Jones with a bionic arm sort of way). The Scarecrow books have always reminded me of an eight year old playing with toy soldiers.

    Darren Ferguson

    Really enjoy his books and have read just about all of them. Hell Island was great to find on Google Play as it was a very limited initial print.
    Due to the maps/graphics that I am constantly flipping back to though, I think I’ll pick up the new one in physical form.

    Free short story is awesome though!
    Thanks for that.


    No thanks, I read one once and it was a rip off of tom clancy and all about weapons, a scientist who knew every aspect of every weapon ever made. big wank stuff.