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LG has today announced a new incentive program for customers looking to purchase an LG G5 smartphone, offering a bonus LG G5 Charging Kit which includes a spare battery when you purchase the phone from a selected retailer until the 30th of November.

The LG G5 Charging Kit looks just like your standard USB battery bank, though it flips open to reveal an actual LG G5 battery which could in theory be slotted in to your actual G5 thanks to the modular setup of the phone. It’s a useful innovation that lets you extend your battery life on your phone, or charge other devices extending your battery life outside the house.


Normally selling for $69.95, the charging kit is being given away via redemption through the LG website. The deal is only available for LG G5 handsets purchased from Telstra, Optus or Harvey Norman stores, understandably if you grey-import the device there’s no battery pack for you.

Chris quite enjoyed using the LG G5 when he reviewed it earlier this year, it’s worth a look through his review to see the pros and cons of the G5 before going ahead.

If you purchase your phone within the window you’ll need to claim it by December 31st, you’ll need a copy of your receipt to start the claim process. It’s a pretty good deal, so head over and check it out.

Source: LG.
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Sadly it just feels like a way to clear stock to me…

Adam J

My dad bought two G5’s and got two free 360° cameras by redemption. What are they, about $350 each? Guessing the $70 battery pack is a kind of phasing out move.

Yianni soc

Now that’s an incentive.

Jack Alltrades

WOW what a incentive !!! a free battery!!! It really makes me want to sell my G4 before it dies !


Hmmm, Harvey Norman LG G5 is $1100. Grey import is ~$500-600. I’m not seeing the incentive?




I’ve seen the G5 for $494 on grey import. So you could buy two G5s for the price of one Hardly Normal price and get a spare battery AND phone.

They have also been trying to shift those B&O modules as ‘bundle deals’. Looks like those overpriced modules aren’t selling, what a shock.

And once the new Google hardware hits – both the new notNexus phones and Daydream (which requires specs these phones are unlikely to hit) they can only fall further.

Could make a good Christmas pressie at $350 ???

Daniel Tyson

Simply a line for all the grey importers who feel hard done by that the company won’t give them a freebie.