Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This evening, we’re seeing reports that, as soon as tomorrow, Samsung might recall the Galaxy Note7, and not just in Australia, but worldwide.

We’ve seen in the last couple of days reports of Samsung Galaxy Note7’s catching fire while charging, perhaps due to questionable third-party USB-C cables, which has seen Samsung halt further shipments of the phone internationally. That alone is a fairly major step, but it’s gone further, with Samsung already announcing a recall in its home country of South Korea (as reported by ZDNet). Tomorrow, the tip is, that recall will be extended worldwide.

Australian tech site Gizmodo has reportedly spoken to a source with knowledge of the situation (and I guess it’s implied that this person is within Samsung, or very close to the brand), and here’s what they’re saying:

  • An announcement is to be made Friday morning Australian time, if the recall proceeds.
  • Any recall may be coordinated within Australia by Samsung locally, working together with its retail and telco partners.

We’ve reached out to Samsung Australia for comment, but at the late hour, we’re not expecting to get much ahead of whatever happens tomorrow. Samsung did confirm to Gizmodo, though, that “shipments of Galaxy Note 7 are being temporarily delayed for additional quality assurance inspections”, which is what they’ve told other outlets as well. This news, with the recall already underway in South Korea, certainly points more in one direction than another.

A global recall for the Note7 could be little short of a disaster for Samsung, which has already suffered through an embarrassing recall process over the last few years involving washing machines that could, in certain circumstances, catch fire. The timing is equally depressing, with Apple poised to announce a new iPhone 7 in a few days (not tomorrow as earlier reported), which will come in (at least) two sizes, and there’s expected to even be a direct competitor to Samsung’s Note7 in the form of an iPhone Pro including a stylus.

Both Duncan and I are quite impressed with Samsung’s Note7, and we’d be as disappointed as Samsung will be if a global recall in fact goes ahead. However, Samsung can’t afford not being careful here; things that catch fire are really bad press, and the last thing any of us wants to see is someone hurt or injured because of their phone.

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Let me be honest, all i expect is a price drop 😀

Newcastle Guardian

Just love what you would have to classify as, Korean Double Dutch Speak.

This from the Samsung spokesperson:
“Spokeswoman Sophie Kim said that media reports that shipments of the flagship phone are being stopped are untrue. Instead, the phones are being held back as the company tries to find out why the phones are blowing up.”

What’s the difference between being stopped and held back I ask.

And yes, they are admitting there, that indeed they have an explosive problem on their hands.


IFA about to begin , iPhone 7 and v20 to be announced…..this couldn’t happen at a worse time. The competition is going to have a field day. If a worldwide recall is necessary I really hope they handle it well otherwise can’t help but feel it will haunt the s8. As a note 7 owner was really enjoying the phone and it was looking to be my new fave note since the note 2 (have note 2-7). However now it could be my last. Even more frustrating it the resale value is prob gonna take a massive dip…..this one phone… Read more »


I honestly doubt V20 is even in the running since it’s availability is worse than the other 2. and even if availability is the same, I’d still wonder if it’s still in the running looking at the G5.

Yianni soc

It’s the USB-C to Micro USB Adapter causing the issues. People use crap sub$1 cables from Aliexpress thinking they’re the same quality as the good cables for $10 in Aus. (just like all the other Aliexpress crap.)
When it comes to cables, it pays not to skimp. It’s electricity, people.

Newcastle Guardian

I wouldn’t think they would be in a position to do a “Timely” worldwide replacement of all the phones they’ve now put out in the market place. It will also depend on exactly what the problem is, some saying the USB-C connector is the problem, others the battery. We’ll just have to wait for the announcement. They can’t afford another Samsung Washing machine stunt, with a half baked fix that ended up NOT working and had to recall period all washers. The thing that concerns me is , will Samsung recall phones directly to them, or via carriers to on-pass… Read more »


“The timing is equally depressing, with Apple poised to announce a new iPhone 7 tomorrow”
You’re a week early; should be early AM September 8 Australian time 🙂


Eh it’s apple … Not really the crux of the article 😉

Newcastle Guardian

Samsung will be pulling out all the stocks on this, if indeed it’s related to Note-Fires. They still have after all these years on-going, expensive, issues over their firey washing machines, and certainly the brand can’t afford another fiasco like that.


Agreed. Hoping this is a much more isolated issue than it seems to be.


Enjoying my note 7, only issue I’ve had so far is ram management, apps dropping out when multitasking is much worse compared to my HTC 10 and Nexus 6P.
But it’s probably the best Samsung device I’ve used, shame if it’s recalled.


Have to agree there, it will be a big shame if they’re recalled.


Just a note (pun intended) iPhone 7 announcement is on the 7th. Sucks for Samsung. Why is USB-C so problematic?!


pulls a lot more current I think.